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by Night Protocol

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Converging 02:35
Once, you were nineteen, drinking a pop and thinking about how things so different as air, and sugar, and water, can exist so close together. Now, you understand being more than the sum of your parts. Then, when you looked out at the horizon and saw parallel lines converge, you thought that the lines longed to reach the point of touch. Now, it’s clear those lines are perfect circles, and they’ve found their infinity running side by side in an endless loop. Back then, you’d look up at the leaves and marvel at how everything changes. Now, you look out at the mountains and marvel at how everything stays the same.
Feeling, falling In and out of dream Whispered sensations Exploding in and out of me :: chorus :: High voltage Overpowered Short circuit it can’t contain our surge Climbing up to the highest tower Catching lightning in the palms of my hands Drive with me through the streets below (headlights turn the rain into liquid gold) We’ll shock the system (cause a citywide blackout) Love so hot it causes a heart surge (love so hot it burns it down) Floating, weightless Above the stormy skies Anticipation A fire in your eyes Reeling, yielding Passion burning bright Striking, crashing My lips on yours and yours on mine :: chorus ::
The Fear 05:56
Escape your fright Soon it’ll all be over We’re keeping it light in the darkness it’s colder now Into the night an eternal winter It’s worth the fight all that we need is closure We’ll find our peace What’ll it be? Cause it’s now or never It’s hard to see through all the tribulation we’re bogging down Wanna be free, but are we asking too much? We hold the key but the lock ain’t turning We’re trapped again :: chorus :: It’s closing in and moving fast We should’ve seen it coming We know it wouldn’t last It’s better to let go Wondering what could’ve been as if it ever mattered it’s coming back again— the fear we used to know Who would’ve thought that it could end this way It’s all for naught wishing that we could stay We’re out of time It’s worse than we thought the window was quickly closing At least we fought there’s nothing more to say It’s over now :: chorus ::
There’s a man who has seen the end of the world and he says there’s nothing to fear, no, He says we’re all there with a light held tight in our fists and yours is the one I will follow there With the glare of a billion lights in our eyes yours is the one I know I’ll follow there :: chorus :: Through all of the years they have left us gasping out in limbo All our souls eroding You’d better believe We’ll be riding in on our white horses With blood and whiskey on our breath There’s a man who has seen the end of the world And he says we don’t make it there easy Every back has a knife Every knife has a fist Every face, a look of betrayal And they won’t hear us cry when they cut off our hands For stealing the time that’s always been borrowed If our scars are all we carry Then let them never fade :: chorus ::
I have to say I’m sorry You’re wasting your life getting used Oh, because I know you’ll just turn around And do what’s been done to you You might think the path you’ve taken Grants you elevation Boy, your vantage point betrays you Belly up while you’re punching down Belly up while you’re punching down
It’s the tragic beauty of youth The way the night obscures the truth It calls from the static radio It brings a feeling that rises from below I’m drinking all my faith away I’ve lost control of all I do and say I’m holding onto sentiments Of broken hearts and recklessness :: chorus :: We’ll spend the rest of our lives Picking up the pieces of midnight Counting passing satellites Broken glass reflecting in your tired eyes Setting sun and burning lights Rising under cover of night (we are vultures feeding in the night) Liquor pouring from the skies Feed the devil at my side (we are creatures only drawn to spite) Dilated, twisted eyes, Feeding frenzy on our lies (we are monsters teething in the night) I won’t go quiet into night I will rage against the dying light :: chorus ::
:: instrumental ::
Another summer’s come and gone Had all these plans and dreams of romance It’s like a fairytale You’re holding on Another night, another dawn And now you’re all alone, and it’s getting cold Get the feeling it won’t be long :: chorus :: Well this is great And isn’t she a stunner? But it’s getting late, by now you thought you’d hear from her Baby this’ll have to wait for another summer It goes by faster every year It’s too wet, too hot And it seems like all your friends forgot Now autumn’s here Another song, another beer Had all the time in the world to stay up late chasing girls I’ll be here :: chorus ::
In the back of a club there’s a ghost of a look we exchanged long ago, We were only half our age While we danced to distorted guitar Playing four sad chords To eternal looping bass :: chorus :: I liked the way you stood for something Picked up your call to come and bail you out We were going to break The sky wide open But in the end The confidence of youth would take us down In the back of a Chevy sedan there’s a ghost of a ray that we stole from the barely breaking dawn And it’s caught in the fabric of time like the strand of a hair on the seat back that tells on us :: chorus ::
Sooner or later time catches up with you And no matter how fast or far you run it’s always there Watching the years slip by There’s so much left to do Does it ever get any easier? Do you even care? And before you know, it’s gone But it’s been going all the while It should come as no surprise at least not this time :: chorus :: And before we said goodbye you were on your way And it’s no word of a lie It never seems fair It’s a long road up ahead But how long’s hard to say All we can do is try We’re getting there Stumbling over thoughts of what we could’ve done Well they say that hindsight’s twenty-twenty, but we still feel blind It never did work out You never found the one You were always dwelling, feeling like hell and they haven’t been kind And you never found a reason, you never found cohesion through all your years of searching So sooner than later time, well it caught up to you :: chorus ::


So much has changed since our last album. Our sounds have developed. Our band’s lineup has shifted. Our families have grown. Our lives have been upended. The greater world around us has evolved, and devolved, equal and the same.

In making this album, we offer a reflection on all of the things in this world that do not change. The things that stay static, even amidst the chaos. Within the static, we learn, we grow, and we acknowledge...
The sentiments that revive something deeper.
The familiarities in which we find solace and meaning.
The realizations sought in lasting moments that tell us who we are and what we are meant to do.

In a world where we measure time itself through change, this album is a reflection of all things static. Love. Fear. Joy. Grief. Hope. Gratitude.

We acknowledge our own static state, and celebrate all the things in this world that do not change.

Thank you for changing with us.
And thank you for staying with us.

We are Night Protocol, and thank you for joining us for these brief static moments. Change is coming, and we’re happy to join you on your journey.
But for now, this moment will last forever.


released November 18, 2022

All songs written by Matthew Binginot, Sebastian Zervos, and Amanda Marquis.
Featuring guitar performances from Justin Goyette and Christopher Wheatley.


all rights reserved



Night Protocol Burlington, Vermont

Night Protocol was created to unite the sounds of the past, present, and future with a cutting-edge style of electronic music. Fueled by synthesizers and a devotion to the sounds of the 1980’s, Night Protocol performs their own blend of synthwave as a live band with live analog synthesizers, syncopated drum machines, pulsing basslines, ripping guitar solos, saxophone leads, and harmonized vocals. ... more

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